Weed stores cause traffic problems

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission has unanimously approved an application by Fine Fettle In West Tisbury to change its cultivation designation by permitting the cultivation and production of adult medical and recreational marijuana under its existing medical license at its 90 Dr. Fisher Road. Commissioner Doug Sederholm moved quickly to approve the application, noting “it’s not significant enough to require a public hearing”, due to the fact that there would be no increase in total acreage for cultivation.

Other requests from Fine Fettle — to increase hours of operation and allow walk-in visits to its 510 State Road location — were met with some hesitation. Fine Fettle also asked that the requirement for two parking attendants be lifted. Data provided to Regional Impact Developments (DRI) coordinator Alex Elvin by the dispensary showed significantly less foot and car traffic than originally expected. The commission voted to consider these requests through a public hearing.

Additionally, the upcoming Mechanic Street marijuana dispensary, Main Street Medicinals,

requests authorization to increase access to the streets surrounding the establishment by widening Mechanic Street.

Main Street Medicinals’ proposed change also includes attempts to mitigate environmental impacts on the city, such as adding rooftop solar panels, growing LED light and limiting the number of employees per shift. work to reduce the production of wastewater.

The dispensary has “signed a non-binding letter of intent to rent a four-bedroom home (with occupancy of up to eight people and parking for five cars)” in addition to agreeing “to hire workers on the island, as far as possible”. as quoted in the proposal.

“Our team believes this is a significant net positive for the community,” said attorney Daniel Glissman representing Main Street Medicinals. “We will make a significant investment in this property and the building.” He added that the dispensary will improve the site “increasing safety and security”, creating jobs in the city and contributing economically to the city through increased tax revenue and impact fees in accordance with the host community agreement with Tisbury. Glissman noted that due to comparable companies not meeting revenue projections, “after seeing Fine Fettle’s deal count, these annual revenue projections may need to be adjusted downward slightly. “.

Commissioner Fred Hancock expressed concern about the presence of two marijuana dispensaries on the same street and asked if it was “something that is in the best interests of the island.”

The commission discussed at length the possible traffic problems and made no decision on the applications. A public hearing will continue on May 12.

In other cases, modifications to the MV Arena cell tower were approved unanimously. The proposal involves the installation of new T-mobile antennas, and “cabinets and [a] concrete base, including a short-term backup battery. The panel concluded that there would be no significant impact on the surrounding landscape. “This one is really a no-brainer,” Sederholm said.

Liz Durkee, the commission’s climate planner, posted a reminder about the Climate Action Week taking place May 8-14, a “community engagement component for the Climate Action Plan”.

Lynn A. Saleh