The Next 6 Months – The Island

A bold innovator in the local packaging industry with over 25 years of experience, ALFT Packaging company president Lakshman De Fonseka spearheaded the launch of the 2nd phase of ALFT Packaging – a brand new facility of state-of-the-art production in Ekala. The new plant consists mainly of European machines, including world-renowned W&H Miraflex II printing machines and other technologies, providing local and global companies with the highest quality packaging, up to the highest international standards. high.

The official launch event to mark this momentous occasion was held as a gala at the factory premises and the event was graced by a host of dignitaries including leading business leaders like Ms. Hajar Alafifi, MD/Chairman – Unilever Sri Lanka, Ramya Wickramasingha, Chairman – CBL, Sajith Gunaratne, DGM – Prima Group, Jason Avancena, MD – Nestle Lanka and Russel Fonseka, Additional Managing Director – BOC. In line with ALFT’s 100% transparency policy, all guests had first-hand experience of the new technology, as demonstrated by foreign experts and the local team of professionals.

This opportunity opens a new page, not only for ALFT but for the packaging industry itself, as an international technology of this caliber enters the country for the first time.

Needless to say, this advanced technology will revolutionize the way our customers experience packaging. Our customer Prima was the first to launch its seasonal packaging using the latest technology,” commented Mr. Lakshman De Fonseka, President of ALFT Packaging Company.

“For the first time in Sri Lanka, we have in-house plate making technology. Other than that, the innovation offered by the latest machines like W&H Miraflex II is exceptional quality, color options, room for creativity and turnaround times. It also creates vast marketing opportunities for our customers.”

“We are convinced that this venture will benefit the economy, as local businesses can reduce their dependence on international suppliers, compete strongly in the export market and it also opens up opportunities for ALFT to meet the needs of international customers. In that sense, this is truly a remarkable achievement for the Sri Lankan packaging industry,” Mr. Fonseka added.

In addition to high quality and other benefits, ALFT offers exceptional customer service, the highlight of which is the fully equipped laboratory that allows customers to do their own testing using ALFT’s highly sophisticated equipment.

On this, Mr. Chathura Jayatissa, General Manager of ALFT Packaging Company, said, “The best customer service and a 100% transparency policy are the cornerstones of our success. Our clients have greatly appreciated our commitment to confidentiality and the shortest lead times that support their agile marketing efforts.

The human side of ALFT’s high-tech operations is managed by an enthusiastic team of the best professionals in the industry. ALFT attaches great importance to the service provided by its team and the company also took the opportunity to congratulate its employees. The commended employees received their awards from distinguished guests.

ALFT Packaging Company was born 5 years ago when some of the best minds in the industry converged to create the most Hi-Tec, internationally standardized and high quality next generation packaging operation in Sri Lanka. Since then, ALFT has taken giant steps to change the game in the industry, investing significantly in the latest technologies and international expertise. Today, ALFT offers Sri Lankan businesses a wide range of GRAVURE & Flexo printing solutions allowing them to raise the bar. As a 100% locally owned company, ALFT is optimistic about expanding in continued support for local businesses and breaking into international markets in due course. Further information on ALFT Packaging Pvt Ltd can be obtained via

Lynn A. Saleh