Pacific island states are neither someone’s backyard nor pawns in geopolitical confrontation: Chinese FM

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin. Photo: CGV

“Why does the United States bother to visit an island country where its embassy has been closed for 29 years? To worry about the state of development of the country or try to achieve other goals? The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman asked the United States after the country sent senior officials to the Solomon Islands and discussed issues involving China.

The United States’ intention to exaggerate tensions and stoke opposition will not work and its attempt to prevent the island nation from cooperating with China is doomed to failure, the spokesman said. Ministry Wang Wenbin at Tuesday’s press conference, noting that rather than someone’s backyard or pawn in a geopolitical clash, Pacific island states need diversified external cooperation and the free choice of their cooperation partners.

Wang said the US is much more apt for the description of ‘undermining regional security’ as it tries to bring the risk of nuclear proliferation and the Cold War mindset to the South Pacific region. via AUKUS while smearing China, which has always played the role of regional leader. builder of peace and promoter of stability.

Wang reiterated that the open, transparent and inclusive security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands does not target any third parties or contradict Solomon Islands’ current bilateral or multilateral security cooperation mechanisms.

As a normal exchange between two independent sovereign states, security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands is in the common interests of the Solomon Islands and the South Pacific region, since its objectives are to promote social stability and good governance, Wang noted.

The cooperation is devoted to strengthening Solomon Islands’ ability to maintain national security, including social order, protection of life and property of people, humanitarian assistance and response to natural disasters, Mr. .Wang.

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Lynn A. Saleh