Island Hopping in Aloha State: No Kids, No Car, No Agenda | app

In my early twenties, I worked as a nanny for a Swiss billionaire, taking care of his four children, seven dogs, and 14 homes. For five years I was entrusted with these sweet little ones as if they were my own, so much so that one day the parents said: “We thought that maybe this summer you could travel alone with the children . Where would you like to go?”

And just like that, I took them to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. We spent a month transforming our pasty bodies into little barefoot tanned brats, throwing “hang on” signs to hitchhikers, and self-labeling our tribe as “surfers.”

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kAm©a_aa %C:3F?6 [email protected]?E6?E p86?4J[ {{r]k^am

Lynn A. Saleh