Island Brands USA raises $1M in 34 days on StartEngine

Charleston, South Carolina – Island Brands USA, makers of clean, better-for-you, and super-premium beer, proudly announce that they are officially the fastest beer brand to raise $1 million through crowdfunding on StartEngine.

Island Brands’ mission to provide premium beer with ultra-clean ingredients resonates not only with consumers, but also with investors. Island Brands USA launched its crowdfunding campaign in November 2020 and within 34 days raised its maximum fundraising goal to $1.07 million.

“We are truly grateful to everyone who has invested in Island,” said Island Brands USA co-founder Brandon Perry. “This is an exciting time in our company’s history and we are thrilled to share this experience with so many people. We’re seeing great growth as a company, but more importantly, we’re seeing people connecting deeply to our brand. Our customers are asking for more taste innovations, merch, adventure and experiences. All of these are on the list of deliverables for this growing lifestyle brand. »

Now, after raising over $2 million in funding on StartEngine, Island Brands USA has since increased its funding goal to $5 million to allow more people to invest.

About Island Brands USA

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Island Brands USA is a growing super premium domestic beer brand, first conceived when the founders visited Cuba in 2016. The following year, the recipe for the first the brand’s beer, Island Coastal Lager, was developed, brewed and marketed. In 2020, Island Brands launched its second beer, Island Active, a refreshing 88 calorie low carb alternative to the limited choices available on the market. Island beverages can be found at all major retail, C-store and on-site stores in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Island Brands also exports to international markets including the Bahamas and ships to China with Costco International. Island Brands is also served across the entire Carnival Cruise line fleet, providing exposure to more than 11 million passengers annually. Island Brands USA is active in coastal conservation efforts through various partnerships and charities.

About StartEngine

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