How This Vancouver Island Company Helps Average Canadians Access Investments From The Ultra-Wealthy

How has Vancouver Island’s Alitis Investment Counsel attracted top talent, bringing together a team of smart, compassionate professionals who help Canadians achieve their financial goals?

If you build it, they will come.

Chief executive Cecil Baldry-White said that after doing the research and creating the plan to give ordinary Canadians a better investment strategy, it was actually quite easy to build a strong team.

“Like me, they wanted to serve their customers better. And they understood that they would be able to deliver better investment results with this new model,” says Baldry-White, CIM®, CFP.

Discover the Alitis advantage

The idea for Alitis was born a decade and a half ago, during the financial crisis of 2008. Baldry-White was a branch manager at one of Canada’s largest financial services companies and was frustrated that he couldn’t effectively offer its clients private investments. and services he knew would help them navigate market volatility and deliver better risk-adjusted returns.

“Throughout my career, I realized that private investments — private real estate, private equity and private mortgages — would be a key asset in most of my clients’ portfolios. The smartest minds on the planet were already doing this – ultra-rich funds and big funds like the Canada Pension Plan have been using private investments for years,” says Baldry-White. “So I started trying to figure out how to access it efficiently in a lower cost environment with improved liquidity.”

In addition to access to better funds, Baldry-White wanted to offer its customers better service.

“Many investment advisers don’t have discretionary management capability, which means that if they see an opportunity or a risk presenting themselves, they have to contact each client before taking action. With 500 customers, not everyone will be able to take advantage of the best timing.

To achieve this discretion, the team at Alitis Investment Counsel is skilled at a higher level – they are portfolio managers, not just investment advisers. Some team members work directly with clients and others are dedicated to managing the seven investment funds (pools of assets designed to deliver strong returns at lower risk).

“We are full of talent! We now have seven portfolio managers and two associate portfolio managers. I’m also proud that we’ve incubated a number of advisors – they’ve come in as administrators and achieved higher accreditation while working for us and moving up the ranks.

Find out if Alitis Investment Counsel can help you achieve your financial goals. See you in Campbell River at 101-909 Island Highway, in Victoria at 1480 Fort St., in the Comox Valley at 103-695 Aspen Rd. in September 2022, and at For more information, call 250-287-4933 or email [email protected]

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Lynn A. Saleh