Bounty Killer Barber Says Business Has Been Booming From Haircut

Bounty Killer might get a lot of free haircuts from his barber in the future.

The dancehall legend recently decided to update his look by cutting his hair for the first time since 1996. The man behind the cut, Kirk ‘English’ Williams, still feels honored to have been chosen for an occasion so auspicious. Bounty Killer recently spoke with the STAR and expressed how the moment touched him and also helped his popularity skyrocket. Williams helped Bounty ditch her trademark cornrows and opt for a medium cut and a slightly faded hairstyle.

Williams also said it was a joy because he already had great respect for The Warlord. He added that he proudly agreed when one of his clients told him that the “Poor People Fed Up” DJ wanted him to give him a haircut.

Bounty Killer added that it was a big moment for him, but because he was a seasoned professional, he was confident enough to do his job without too much nervousness. Williams also said he had no problem making a home visit for the cut, even though his store was in the corporate area. He then explained the choice of haircut.

“The General tells him he doesn’t want it low, so I decide to give it a little low fade, blot the top and sharpen the edges,” he said.

bounty killer

The feeling is still surreal and Williams said he finally feels like his hard work has paid off. He shared that he hadn’t really done much college so he decided to get a skill for a career, and so this haircut validated his decision.

Although he admitted that barbering was in his family’s blood, he revealed that it started with his grandmother, then his son and some of his other uncles and cousins ​​before deciding to take up the clippers. .

Bounty also thanked him on Instagram, which of course boosted his popularity. Kirk Williams said his Instagram exploded after Bounty Killer shared a photo and tagged him in it.

“Getting over 200 new subscribers,” he said. “I see a foreign barber who cuts men like Leon Bailey and Sterling at a glance on the job. I told the general that I was the one who had to pay him to do the job.

Bounty Killer said he hasn’t been in a barber’s chair since 1998 and hasn’t cut his hair since 1996. The dancehall legend has consistently rocked the cornrows over the years.

Lynn A. Saleh